Making the Seismic Shift to a "Knowledge Economy"

Ready for your morning cup of coffee and a serving of no-nonsense problem solving and business productivity? Fire up your computer, shake your business awake and get ready for Paul Glover’s full-speed-ahead approach to growing and transforming your business in the Information Economy. Using the best nuggets from his long-running newsletters, The Bottom Line and The Morning Mantra, Paul delivers a tour de force of incisive, effective solutions to overcome the rumblings of the WorkQuake™ that continue to shake the work environment—and achieve new purpose and prosperity for your business. Along the way, he cajoles, jolts, massages, informs, persuades and makes you smile with the same approach he’s used to help hundreds of businesses over the past 30 years.

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With his distinctive, direct and oft-humorous approach, “recovering employment attorney” Paul Glover bares his knuckles to present 76 strategies and tips to thrive in the Information Economy in his book, WorkQuake(tm). Paul coined the term WorkQuake(tm) to capture his unique insights and tools to implement organizational change in the knowledge economy. Paul’s writing has been featured in Fast Company, The Business Edge, Vistage,, and Industrial Distribution.

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