Executive Group Development Program

Executive Leadership Development Programs designed specifically for CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, and Division/Regional Leaders.

Focusing on Results

Paul’s Executive Leadership Development Program focuses on results by assisting Executives realize their full potential.


Because the needs of every Executive are unique, Paul views each Development Program as a blank slate and fills it according to the Executive’s specific objectives, then a customized program with tailored case studies and real-time exercises in problem-solving and decision making.



















Finding the Gap

As the first step in Paul’s Leadership Development Program, an Executive Level Leader will:


Find The Gap. Before our Executive Development Program can be useful for an Executive, The Gap between where they are and where they need to be must be identified. Paul assists the Executive identify their Gap by using analytical and self-assessment tools as needed (the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Strength Finders 2.0, Emotional Intelligence Assessment, 360-Degree Review).


Only then can Paul and the Executive, create an effective Leadership Development Program to fulfill the specific needs of the Executive and improve their managerial and leadership skill sets.

Examples of the topics available in the Executive Leadership Development Program:

Strategic Planning for Managing Human Capital

This Development Issue is light on theory and heavy on action. Using experienced “outside eyes” as facilitators, the Executive assesses his/her current Leadership Skills, discusses Best Practices inside and outside the Industry, determines the Company’s Competitive Advantage and develops a Comprehensive Action Plan, based on Continuous Operational Performance Improvement (C.O.P.I©). This approach produces specific, measurable initiatives and four 90-day Action Plans for instilling the sense of urgency necessary to take the organization to the next level of performance.

Building a High Performance Team & Company

For an organization to thrive in the Information Economy, an Executive must develop processes for achieving extraordinary results with ordinary Employees. With this topic, the Executive defines and examines the Leadership Challenges, Expectations, and Requirements they face and develops tactics to more effectively Lead, Motivate, and Engage the Workforce.

The Power of Persuasion

The Art of Effective Workplace Communications to Inform, Persuade, and Engage the Information Economy Workforce is a skill set essential to every Executive. This topic examines the Psychology of Influence and provides practical application processes to increase the Executive’s ability to effectively communicate with and lead their Team.

Getting from Here to There with Time & Energy to Spare

If you don’t have the time to take this topic, you need to make the time! The Executive will develop an Individual Action Plan for Goal Setting, Planning, Delegating, Prioritizing, Conducting Productive Meetings, and Other Methods of controlling their Time & Energy.

The Art of Negotiating in the 21st Century

You Can’t Always Get What You Want, But You Can Get What You Need! This topic provides the Executive with the Skills, Techniques, Strategies, and Hands-on Practice for Negotiating to succeed. Executive-Level Leaders will:

  1. Identify negotiating strengths and the areas of improvement.
  2. Develop one-on-one and team-on-team negotiation skills.
  3. Learn how to develop and implement the right negotiating strategy.
  4. Learn how to manage a negotiating team.
  5. Develop essential dispute-resolution skills.
Critical Thinking & Emotional Intelligence - Proactive Decision Making & Problem Solving

Effective decision making and problem solving is essential to every Executive’s success. The critical elements of decision making, including the value of Critical Thinking and Emotional Intelligence, as well as practical suggestions, for improving the quality of the decision-making and problem-solving process are examined in this topic.

Innovation & Creativity

Innovation and creativity play an ever-more important role in an organization’s success. This topic explores ways to instill an innovation mindset in the organization by defining the role of Creativity and Innovation in business. Then, by examining Individual Creativity, how to develop the right environment for Innovation and Creativity, using Innovation and Creativity in the problem solving process and how to encourage Innovation and Creativity in a High Performance Team.

Driving Organizational Change

In today’s competitive business environment, successful Executive Leaders must not only respond to change, must also drive change. This topic provides Executive Leaders with the information and Skill Set needed to translate the organization’s vision of the future into terms others can understand. Then embrace and ensure the organization’s teams are well led, receive the communication they need, and have the accountability, training and resources necessary to implement the required change.

After the initial development program, Paul and the Executive design a coaching program specifically to close the Gap in the Executive’s leadership style and turn the information gained from the Leadership Development Program into timely and achievable action plans.

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