Improving the Experienced Team Leader

Sure They Are Good…
But Are They As Good As They Can Be?
Training Programs created specifically to improve the experienced  Team Leader.

Every  Team Leader Must Be Getting Better

Continual Operational Performance Improvement (C.O.P.I.©) is the key to improving operational performance and profitability at every organization. For this to occur, every  Team Leader must always be getting better.


However, most organizations fail to provide experienced and successful  Team Leaders with the training they need to become better at how they manage and how they lead. Instead, they assume, because the experienced  Team Leader is good, maybe even great, at what they do, they will continue to improve on their own.  This will not occur.

How Organizations Fail Experienced  Team Leaders

Experienced  Team Leaders are expected to continually do more with less and, therefore, spend most of their time fighting fires, making sure the Team is meeting expectations, and the work is getting done as effectively and efficiently as possible.


Because of the pressure placed on these experienced  Team Leaders, they do not, or cannot, take the time necessary to improve themselves.  This means their potential to improve as  Team Leaders is not identified and developed.  The reality is experienced  Team Leaders want to get better but don’t receive the direction, training, and support from the organization to allow that to happen.

Rather than continue to allow their potential to become better  Team Leaders and make the organization more effective, productive, and profitable to remain untapped, Paul provides a more enlightened and profitable approach.

Continual Operational Performance Improvement (COPI(c))

Paul’s Development Program for Experienced  Team Leaders provides the Skill Sets they need to become better  Team Leaders capable of engaging in Continual Operational Performance Improvement (C.O.P.I.(c)).

First, we find The Gap

Before any Development can be useful for the experienced Team Leader, The Gap between where they are and where they need to be must be identified. Paul assists the experienced Team Leader identify their Gap by using analytical tools such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Strength Finders 2.0, Emotional Intelligence Assessment, Self - Assessments and 360-Degree Review.

Then Paul develops a Customized Development Training Program

Specific to the needs of the individual Team Leader.

An Example

Here is a Leadership Development Program developed for experienced Team Leader’s based on the requirements for the Team Leader to bridge their Gap and improve their Skill Set.


Making Change Happen While Creating Change Agents


Turning Conflict into Creativity


High-Performance Team Building


The Power of Persuasion Through Respectful Workplace Communications


C.O.P.I.: Continuous Operational Performance Improvement


Presentation Skills That Produce Action


Improving Performance Thorough Time & Energy Management

Personalized Coaching: The Deciding Factor

After the initial Leadership Development Program, Paul stays in weekly contact with the Team Leader’s for six months, assisting them as they implement their new Skill Sets and help their Teams become more effective, more efficient, more productive, and more profitable.

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