The NO B.S. Work Performance Coach

I work with individual Leaders and Leadership Groups to accomplish higher levels of performance by assisting them to recognize and achieve their potential.

Workforce development coach Paul Glover

Who Is Paul Glover?

I am the No-B.S. Work Performance Coach. I’m based in Chicago but I work with clients throughout the U.S. I am also a “recovering” trial lawyer, an unabashed Starbucks addict, and the author of Workquake™, a book dedicated to those in the work environment seeking to not only survive, but also to thrive in the Knowledge Economy.

The Personal and Organizational Improvement Process

Assess.  Plan.  Act.  Achieve.  Repeat.


Leaders who receive effective executive coaching are more likely to achieve their objectives and generate increased organizational success.



1 on 1 personalized Coaching Sessions tailored to a Leader’s specific objectives.



Organizational performance and profitability coaching for Leadership Groups.


Making the Seismic Shift to an “Information Economy”

Using the best topics from his long-running newsletters, The Bottom Line and The Morning Mantra, Paul delivers a tour de force of incisive, effective solutions to overcome the effects of the WorkQuake™ that continues to shakeup today’s work environment.


Most training is a waste of time and resources. We guarantee our training will have a measurable positive impact on the participants and the organization.


Paul’s presentations are interactive, fast-moving, and entertaining. Your audience is guaranteed to be fully engaged.

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