Workforce Development Training Programs

Most Training Programs Are Wastes of Your Organization’s Time and Money

Here are the 3 reasons why most workforce development training, at any level of the organization, is a waste of time and money:

#1. The training is “one and done”: Because there is no appropriate follow-up, the impact of any training is lost 72 hours after the training occurs.


#2. The training is “cookie cutter”: Because the training is not customized to meet the specific needs of the organization, the training does not address the specific needs of the participants and the organization.


#3. The training does not provide a measurable R.O.I.: Because there is no requirement the training actually have a measurably positive impact on the organization, it seldom does.

Here are the 3 reasons why the workforce development training we deliver. at any level of the organization, is NOT a waste of your organization's time and money:

#1. We provide, as a vital part of the workforce development training process, the Follow Up necessary to ensure the impact of the training is not lost.


#2. We Customize every workforce development training program so it is relevant to the specific needs of the participants and your organization.


#3. We Guarantee our workforce development training program will have a measurable positive impact on the participants and the organization. And to ensure a measurable ROI, we connect our fees directly to the effectiveness of the workforce development training programs we provide.

The 3 Essential Levels of Workforce Development Training


Providing the Basic Skill Sets for the New Manager/Team Leader

Less than 1 year in the position.


Improving the Experienced Manager/Team Leader’s Managerial and Leadership Skill Sets

1 year + and not on Executive Leadership Team.


Executive Development Program for Members of the Executive Group

Taking the organization to the next level by Improving the Executives’ Managerial and Leadership Skill Sets.

The Definable Difference: The Coaching Component

After the workforce development training, we offer an individual Coaching Program designed to turn the information received from the training program into timely and achievable Action Plans.

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