Developing Resilience Edge Keynote

Paul Glover’s Developing Resilience Keynote Presentation

Developing The Resilience Edge™ In the Workplace

A Presentation that has an immediate impact on the audience

FACT: In the current chaotic business environment, the resilience of an organization’s workforce, the ability to ‘bounce back’ from adversity, setbacks, defeats, failure and the daily demands of the workplace, is recognized as the organization’s defining competitive advantage.

FACT: Fostering a resilient workplace increases productivity, lowers healthcare costs, lowers absenteeism, decreases turnover, generates greater job satisfaction, organizational commitment and employee engagement.

FACT: Although some people have more resilience than others, resilience is a skill. And like any skill, the ability to become more resilient is available to anyone with the proper training.

Based on these facts, and his own journey from incarceration to inspiration and 15 years as the No B.S. Workplace Performance Coach, Paul developed The Resilience Edge™, a presentation that introduces your audience to the concepts of Resilience and provide them with the tools they need to develop their Resilience, Mental Toughness and Grit Skill Set.

What The Resilience Edge™ Presentation Does

The Resilience Edge™ Presentation encourages every member of the Organization, from C -Suite Executives to Front Line Team Members, to understand how they can become more resilient, less stressed, have more mental toughness and Grit and positively impact their own performance and productivity throughout the Organization, and provides them with the tools to improve their resilience skill set.

The Resilience Edge™ Presentation

Paul offers one- and two-hour presentations, customized, after consultation with the event planner, so they are relevant to the audience and organization.


Here are the most popular elements of the Resilience Edge™ Presentation

  • Why me?: My personal journey from failure to resilience to comeback.  
  • Defining Resilience, Mental Toughness and GRIT. 
  • The Importance of Resilience, Mental Toughness and GRIT for individuals. 
  • The Importance of Resilience, Mental Toughness and GRIT in the Workplace.
  • Defining The Resilience Edge™ Skill Set for Individuals, Teams and the Organization.
  • Creating The Resilience Edge™ Work Environment.
  • The Growth Mindset and Future Proofing the Organization.


Available Upon Request After the Presentation: Paul offers an immersive post- presentation, four-hour Workshop on Developing The Resilience Edge™, that includes the Adversity Profile and the GRIT Scale.

Contact Paul, if you are ready to expose your audience to the power and potential of The Resilience Edge™.


The No B.S. Workplace Performance Coach

1. He Walks the Talk.

Often “It’s not the song, but the singer” that determines the impact a message has on the audience. Because Paul has overcome significant personal adversity by developing a resilient mindset, allowing him to survive five years in prison and create a successful professional comeback. Paul now coaches Executives and Team Leaders on how they can become more resilient and overcome the adversity and setbacks they face in the workplace. This is why Paul’s message resonates strongly with audiences.

2. Authenticity + a Unique Perspective.

Because of Paul’s personal experience with failure, adversity and setbacks, he brings a uniquely compelling perspective to every presentation. Paul’s honesty about his personal story, along with his No B.S. approach as to what individuals and organizations must do to develop The Resilience Edge™, draws his audiences in and immerses them in a riveting, memorable experience.

3. Practical Application.

When he presents, Paul’s goal isn’t only motivation, it’s also application. Using education along with entertainment, he ensures the audience grasps the need to use the information presented, along with the practical tools and support material available after the keynote, to begin to develop individual and organizational resilience in the workplace.

4. Highly Immersive.

Paul connects with audiences before, during and after each event to create memorable moments. The last thing any audience needs is a presentation where they only listen to a talking head, lecturing them about what they should do when faced with adversity or a setback. Instead, Paul amplifies energy in your audience through interactive activities, real play and Q&A.

5. VIP Q&A Sessions.

At every presentation Paul offers a personal Q&A, where he answers one-on-one questions for selected audience members.

6. Always Customized.

Paul takes the time to understand your industry, organization and key objectives to ensure his content is on-point, relevant and applicable to your audience. To jump start the process of developing the resilient skill set, he offers upon request a post-presentation four-hour Workshop on Developing The Resilience Edge™, which includes the Adversity Profile and the GRIT Scale.

7. Fresh Thinking.

Because Paul actively advises Owners, Executives and Team Leaders on how to Future Proof their organization, his perspective on the skill sets necessary for individuals and organizations to thrive in an uncertain, even chaotic, business environment is current and relevant.

Contact Paul to discuss scheduling the Resilience Edge ™ Presentation for your organization.