Frontline Supervisor Training

Providing the Basic Skill Sets for the New Team Leader

A Workplace Development Training Program created specifically for the successful transition from Core Employee to an effective and efficient new Team Leader.

Frontline supervisor preparing for training.

The Difficult Transition from Core Employee to Team Leader

Organizations know Team Leaders are the key to improved organizational performance and results. However, most organizations fail to provide new Team Leaders with the training they need to be successful as they make the difficult transition from a Core Employee to Team Leader. Instead, the organization assumes, because the Core Employee deserved to be promoted, based on their past performance, they are prepared to lead a team. However, over 50 percent of new Team Leaders struggle to meet expectations.  This struggle destroys the morale of High-Performance Teams, costs the organizations tens of thousands of dollars in lost performance and profit, and turns a high performing Core Employee into a stressed out, ineffective Team Leader.

The Necessity of Transitional Leadership Training

The reality is Core Employees may have the attitude and commitment to become great Team Leaders, but they have not been given the transitional leadership training necessary to make their attitude/commitment a functioning reality.


Rather than throw new Team Leaders into the deep end of the pool and hope they can swim, Paul provides a more enlightened and profitable approach:


Paul’s Leadership Training Program provides new Team Leaders with the 5 Basic Skill Sets they need to succeed in their new role.







Trained frontline supervisor staying grounded in rapidly changing world.

Here are the 5 Basic Skill Sets a new Team Leader needs to successfully transition from Core Employee to successful Team Leader:


How to Effectively Communicate in the Chaos of the Workplace.


How to Resolve Conflict Without Punching Someone Out.


How to Generate Employee Engagement, Commitment, & Productivity.


How to Get the Right Things Accomplished.


How to Improve Decision Making & Problem Solving.

After the initial Leadership Training Program, Paul stays in weekly contact with the new Team Leader for three months, assisting them as they implement their new Skill Sets and make their Teams more effective, more efficient, more productive, and more profitable.

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