The COVID Crisis Would Be a Terrible Thing to Waste Webinar

Webinar: The COVID Crisis Would Be a Terrible Thing to Waste

WARNING: If you are satisfied with the status quo don’t waste your time reading any further!!

But if you want to recognize and seize the opportunities 2021 can provide you, your Team and your organization then reserve your spot now for Paul’s First Program of 2021:

The COVID Crisis Would Be a Terrible Thing to Waste Webinar

A discussion about turning the hard lessons of 2020 into 2021 opportunities.

Presented by: Dr. Paul Glover – The No B.S. Workplace Performance Coach & Member of the Forbes Council of Coaches

Participation is limited to the 100 Leaders Who Are Committed to Creating their Next Normal

FACT: In the current chaotic business environment, the resilience of an organization’s workforce, the ability to ‘bounce back’ from adversity, setbacks, defeats, failure and the daily demands of the workplace, is recognized as the organization’s defining competitive advantage.

FACT: Fostering a resilient workplace increases productivity, lowers healthcare costs, lowers absenteeism, decreases turnover, generates greater job satisfaction, organizational commitment and employee engagement.

FACT: Although some people have more resilience than others, resilience is a skill. And like any skill, the ability to become more resilient is available to anyone with the proper training.

Who Should Attend: Business Owners, Executives, Managers and Team Leaders.

Why You Should NOT Attend: You, your Team and your organization are ready to make the changes necessary to flourish in the post-COVID Next Normal.

In this program, Paul will discuss:

  1. Why 2021 provides a once in a generation Window of Opportunity to implement positive organizational changes.
  2. The questions you need to ask to determine if you, your Team, and your organization are prepared to take advantage of the opportunities 2021 future proof your organization.
  3. The required elements for your organization’s Next Normal.


When: Wednesday, January 26, 2021 @ 11:00 am CST
Length: 60 minutes
Cost: $125.00
Who Will Benefit: Business Owners, Executives, Managers, and Team Leaders.



Early Sign-Up Offer: Sign-up for this discussion by January 18, 2021 and receive a signed copy of Paul’s book WorkQuake: Making the Seismic Shift to a Knowledge Economy.
Post Discussion: A Handbook containing the methodology to create your organization’s Next Normal will be sent to all participants.

“Paul’s no nonsense’ approach helps to get the message across in a memorable fashion”

—Distribution Company President

“Like an earthquake shaking the foundations of homes along its fault line, Glover’s new book WorkQuake agitates the business status quo.”

— Marshall Goldsmith, world-renowned Business Educator & Coaching Leader. Best Selling Author of Over 35 Books.