Meet Paul Glover: Resilience Keynote Speaker, Educator, Executive Coach, Author, “Recovering” Lawyer & Ex-Felon.

One Topic and One Topic Only:

How Individuals and Organizations Can Become More Successful by Becoming More Resilient

While Paul is qualified to speak on a variety of topics – Leadership, Corporate Social Responsibility, High Performance Team Building, Coaching, Mentoring –  he chooses to concentrate on only one: The Importance of Resilience in the Workplace for Organizations, Team Leaders and Team Members.

Why? Because of his personal experience coping with adversity and his professional experience as a Coach, coaching Team Leaders from the front line to the C Suite, he believes there is not a more important topic for an organization’s Leaders to understand and practice than the ability to overcome setbacks and move forward. 

Meet Paul Glover

Background: In 1994, Paul was a successful federal court trial attorney.  In 1995, he was a convicted felon, serving 7 years of incarceration in Federal Prison.


How Paul and his family managed to overcome the personal and professional setback he inflicted on himself and his family and how he built a successful national coaching practice is Paul’s personal case study about overcoming adversity and setbacks through resilience and grit.


Paul’s messages to those who hear him speak is: “we don’t succeed in spite of our losses, but because of them” and “before your life can change, you need to change.”


Through keynotes and workshops, Paul illustrates how those faced with setbacks, either personal or professional, can develop and use resilience, mental toughness and grit to take the challenges they face and transform them into growth opportunities.

Paul Glover, keynote resilience speaker

Resilience, Mental Toughness and Grit Presentation/Workshop Description

The ability to successfully rise above adversity and setbacks and triumph in our personal and professional lives boils down to three words: RESILIENCE, MENTAL TOUGHNESS and GRIT.


When faced with challenges, set-backs and adversity, those who have enough Resilience, Mental Toughness and Grit overcome and break through the barriers holding them back.


Through this presentation, workshop audiences and participants will learn how to develop and improve their Resilience, Mental Toughness and Grit so they can more easily triumph over adversity, obstacles, and setbacks and not only survive, but thrive, difficult times.


Resilience, Mental Toughness and Grit are not personality traits but rather are skill sets, habits, behaviors and attitudes that can be identified and learned. 


Using his personal and coaching experiences, Paul shares practical strategies, that can be applied personally and professionally, to develop the Resilience, Mental Toughness and Grit necessary to overcome adversity, obstacles, and setbacks in a rapidly changing world and workplace.  And he’ll make your audience laugh while he does it. 



  • How to Build Resilience, Mental Toughness and Grit and overcome self-defeating habits
  • Strategies to manage stress
  • Develop resilience strategies that can be immediately applied personally and professionally to overcome self-defeating habits
  • Utilize brain-based strategies to improve emotional control and attention


The No B.S. Workplace Performance Coach

1. He Walks the Talk.

Often “It’s not the song, but the singer” that determines the impact a message has on the audience. Because Paul has overcome significant personal adversity by developing a resilient mindset, allowing him to survive five years in prison and create a successful professional comeback. Paul now coaches Executives and Team Leaders on how they can become more resilient and overcome the adversity and setbacks they face in the workplace. This is why Paul’s message resonates strongly with audiences.

2. Authenticity + a Unique Perspective.

Because of Paul’s personal experience with failure, adversity and setbacks, he brings a uniquely compelling perspective to every presentation. Paul’s honesty about his personal story, along with his No B.S. approach as to what individuals and organizations must do to develop The Resilience Edge™, draws his audiences in and immerses them in a riveting, memorable experience.

3. Practical Application.

When he presents, Paul’s goal isn’t only motivation, it’s also application. Using education along with entertainment, he ensures the audience grasps the need to use the information presented, along with the practical tools and support material available after the keynote, to begin to develop individual and organizational resilience in the workplace.

4. Highly Immersive.

Paul connects with audiences before, during and after each event to create memorable moments. The last thing any audience needs is a presentation where they only listen to a talking head, lecturing them about what they should do when faced with adversity or a setback. Instead, Paul amplifies energy in your audience through interactive activities, real play and Q&A.

5. VIP Q&A Sessions.

At every presentation Paul offers a personal Q&A, where he answers one-on-one questions for selected audience members.

6. Always Customized.

Paul takes the time to understand your industry, organization and key objectives to ensure his content is on-point, relevant and applicable to your audience. To jump start the process of developing the resilient skill set, he offers upon request a post-presentation four-hour Workshop on Developing The Resilience Edge™, which includes the Adversity Profile and the GRIT Scale.

7. Fresh Thinking.

Because Paul actively advises Owners, Executives and Team Leaders on how to Future Proof their organization, his perspective on the skill sets necessary for individuals and organizations to thrive in an uncertain, even chaotic, business environment is current and relevant.

Now that you know about Paul, there is no reason to settle for the “Same Old, Same Old” When it Comes to a Speaker for Your Next Event.

More About Paul


A Performance Coach:

Recognized as the No B.S. Workplace Performance Coach, Paul’s Coaching Program focuses on Individual & Organizational Performance Improvement at every level of an organization. His clients include entrepreneurs, small businesses and national manufacturing and distribution organizations.

An Educator:

Paul teaches Leadership, Communications, Strategic Planning, Organizational Ethics, Corporate Governance, Team Building, Critical Thinking and Employment Law at National Louis University and Aurora University.

An Author:

Paul’s book WorkQuake™, is dedicated to the concept that “the times they are a changin’” and organizations, Team Leaders and Team Members, at all levels of the organization, need to be aware of, and responsive, to those changes.

Personal Information:


  • has an undergraduate degree and a law degree from DePaul University, and a Master’s Degree from IIT-Kent
  • is a Starbucks addict
  • a life-long Bears fanatic
  • lives in Chicago with his wife, two sons, their wives and six grandchildren. 

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