How to Create High-Performance Work Teams within Municipalities

How to Create High-Performance Work Teams within Municipalities

How to Create High-Performance Work Teams within Municipalities

Do you want to create high-performance work teams within your municipality?

Working with progressive Municipalities has given us insight into the challenges faced by Municipalities as they address the needs of their various stakeholders – residents, trustees, managers, employees and contractors/vendors.

Using this insight, we have developed an Initial Program for Municipalities to begin or enhance the process of Creating High-Performance Work Teams, as recommended by the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) in its High-Performance Organization Model.

Our Initial Program consists of five elements, all aimed at improving the interaction between the various stakeholders of the Municipality and improving organizational performance.

The Five Elements of our Initial Program are:


  1. An Introduction Workshop is conducted with the Municipality’s Leadership Team to discuss the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator© (MBTI) assessment and how it can be used to assist Municipal Trustees, Managers and Employees to better interact with each other and the Residents of their community, and to become more effective, efficient and productive members of a High-Performance Work Team.
  2. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator© is administered to the Members of the Leadership Team.
  3. Individual Coaching Sessions are conducted with the Members of the Leadership Team / validate and calibrate their MBTI results.
  4. A Workshop is conducted with the entire Leadership Team to discuss the overall results of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator©  and the Individual Coaching Sessions and how this information can be used as the basis for creating or enhancing High-Performance Work Teams by improving Teamwork, Communication, Conflict Management, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Time Management and Workplace Change.
  5. A written Report is submitted summarizing the results of the Initial Program and Recommendations for future actions to create the High-Performance Organization Model recommended for Municipalities by the ICMA.


If you’re interested in this program for your municipality, contact me for a free consultation: or call 630-913-6555. For daily inspiration, sign up for Paul’s Point of the Day — an original, caffeine-inspired thought intended to poke your brain >>

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