Q1 is in the books!

Q1 is in the books!

Ready or not the First Quarter of 2018 is history. And, while we can’t change history (why isn’t there an app for that Apple?), we can, and should, use the end of the first quarter (and every quarter) as a natural break in the rhythm of the year. A break that presents an opportunity to stop and take a breath and reflect on what was and was not accomplished in the last 90 days.

Here are the end of quarter questions I present to the Team Leaders I coach at every level of an organization:

  1. What are the 3 things you are most proud of your Team accomplishing?
  2. What are the 3 things you are most proud of accomplishing? (at least one should be about developing a Team Member)
  3. What are the 3 things that you and your Team should have accomplished but did not? And what stopped you and them?
  4. Have you calendared your entire year with professional and personal commitments?
  5. Have you done a 24 Hour Time Audit?
  6. Are you getting enough sleep?
  7. Are you eating/drinking properly?
  8. Are you exercising appropriately?
  9. What are the 3 things you needed from your Team Leader and did not get? What are you going to do to get them this next quarter?
  10. Have you and your Team celebrated the successes of the first quarter?
  11. Have you and your Team discussed what is needed for success in Q2?

The Coach’s Corner: This quarterly reflection by a Team Leader is required so their time, energy and focus is properly directed to supporting a High Performance Work Team.

I could be wrong… but I’m not. 

Thanks for reading.

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