The Workforce Development Coach’s 40 Rules for Better Time Control (cont.)


The Workforce Development Coach’s 40 Rules for Better Time Control (cont.)

Here are the last 20 of the 40 Time Control Rules that, if followed (and in no particular order), will give you more control over your time. This will, in turn, make you more productive, eliminate Time Stressors, make you easier to be around and, as a great side benefit, let you live a longer and happier live:

Rule #21:  Hold short Meetings standing up. Oh hell yeah!

Rule #22:  Establish a time limit for each Meeting. And end it on time.

 Rule #23:  Start every Meeting on Time. Those that are late can catch up after the meeting.

 Rule #24:  Have an Agenda for each Meeting & distribute the Agenda to participants before the Meeting. No surprise topics either.

 Rule #25:  Establish a time limit for each item on the Meeting Agenda. And stick to it.

Rule #26:  Stick to the Meeting Agenda. Any side bar conversations need to be held outside the meeting.

 Rule #27:  Don’t have unnecessary people at a Meeting. If they don’t have anything to contribute they’ll only slow the meeting down.

 Rule #28:  Have a place to work uninterrupted during Focus Time. And its better if it isn’t your normal work space.

 Rule #29:  Only answer emails and phone calls at specific times in 30 minute intervals throughout the day. Yes, this will make you sweat when you start doing it.

 Rule #30:  Learn how to say “NO” – respectfully.

Rule #31:  Don’t allow Delegation Up. If they can’t do it, teach them how to do it.

Rule #32:  Don’t Over Schedule the work day. Plan for Daily Interruptions – they are a part of every leader’s unwritten job description.

 Rule #33:  Make a Daily “Not to Do” List.  Much more important then the “To Do List.”

Rule #34:  Stop shuffling papers. The more you touch the same paper the less effective you are.

 Rule #35:  Delegate work.  Yes, they do want to do more.

Rule #36:  Visit them rather than have them visit you. It’s so nice to be able to leave when you are ready.

 Rule #37:  Keep a clean work space. Clutter and dirt are distractions. Distractions destroy focus.

 Rule #38:  Exercise Self-Discipline & Focus when spending your Time. Own your time and how you use it.

 Rule #39:  Don’t Multi-Task when doing Important Activities.  Stop doing two things equally bad.

 Rule #40:  Know what it takes to be Excellent at your job. Spend your time doing that (see Rule # 8).

Bonus Rule:  The most important Rule – respect other people’s time.

The Bottom Line:

Pick three Rules to work on. When you have mastered them select three more to work on. And no, this stuff isn’t easy. But nothing important ever is.

Take control of your time and you get better at doing your job and at enjoying your life. A win-win.


If you missed the first 20 Rules of Time Control, you can read them here.


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